About Us

Passionfruit Media is a digital marketing agency based in Reading, UK. We provide digital marketing solutions to small to medium-sized businesses in the UK, Europe and North America.
We focus upon running digital marketing campaigns which can be accurately reviewed and measured. Gone are the days of waving your marketing budgets goodbye and hoping for results!

Our Process

Here at Passionfruit Media, our ethos is to deliver digital marketing solutions on a WIN-WIN basis. In order to do so, we make sure that we fully understand the client's business, their aims and their situation. This means that when we take on a new client, we can be incredibly confident of the results that we'll be able to produce.


Our first step to understanding a client and what they're trying to achieve is to have an initial consultation. Our aim on this call is provide them with genuine value on their digital marketing.

Audit & Proposal

If it sounds likely that we can help a client achieve their marketing goals with our services, we'll ask to conduct a full, in-depth audit of their digital marketing and present them with a proposal. 

Digital Strategy Development

If we're happy to take on the client and they accept the proposal, we'll take an in-depth look at their current sales & marketing. This involves some deep digging into their business, competitors, audiences and, most importantly, what they want to achieve. From this, we'd comprise a detailed digital strategy for the client.


Once we've solidified a cohesive digital marketing strategy, that makes sense to the client, we'll embark on the most important part. Which is getting the ball rolling!

Review, Measure & Adapt

We regularly review how the campaigns are performing and measure them against our strategy laid out at the beginning. We then adapt the campaigns to the inevitable change that will come about when marketing is put into action. And the cycle repeats.

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