How To Create A Social Media Strategy That Will Fuel Your Business

If you know that social media is important for your business but are struggling to see results, this article is directly aimed at you.

Social media marketing is a long term marketing strategy. It's about seeing a substantial return in the next 6-12-18 months and ensuring your business is still around in 5 years' time. However, this does not mean that you can't be seeing results with social media sooner than that.

There is one question which you can ask about yourself and your business which, when you give the right answer, can help to bring in more revenue in a number of weeks or even days!

And that question is this:

What Is Your Business's Primary Method Of Generating Customers?

There are many different ways that businesses generate customers and revenue. Some may rely on people walking past their shop front and being intrigued by the display. Some may rely on referrals from happy clients or customers. Some may rely on networking events. Have a think about your business's most valuable method of generating customers.

Got it? Great.

Now how does this help you with your social media marketing?

Take the primary method of generating customers, that you've just defined, and translate that into a quick and simple social media marketing plan.

Using the previous examples, if you rely on your shop front, then maybe visual is the way to start on social media. Post great looking pictures and videos of your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. If you rely on referrals, collect the best testimonials that you have, put them in a nice font with a gentle background and post those consistently on your social media. If it's networking, hop onto Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and get interacting with the community and making your name known.

Don't get me wrong, these are not methods which are going to see your business increase dramatically, nor are they methods which even scrape the surface of the power of social media! They are methods which are going to get your foot in the great big door that is social media.

The reason that this method has proved to work so well as an entry point to social media, is that it's not going into completely untested territory. If you've answered the question properly, then you already know that this general technique to obtain more business works. All you are doing is introducing this proven technique to the larger and more diverse audience that social media platforms are home to.

This is a great way to get started with social media for your business, as you're likely to see small results in a relatively short amount of time. While this isn't going to prove much use in the long term, that first little blip of success often gives people the encouragement and assurance that they need to develop a much more sophisticated social media or digital marketing strategy. This is what will make a significant difference in the longer term.

As Brian Tracy rightly says, "The hardest part of any important task is getting started on it in the first place". This is what this method will help to achieve.

So what's your primary method of generating revenue and how can you translate it into a basic social media and digital marketing plan?

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